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The town of Samara Beach itself is tranquil and easy-going - pura vida, as the Ticos say - but is has everything a visitor could want: a well stocked supermarket, regular vegetable and fish marts, pharmacies, a dizzying variety of restaurants, convenience stores, bars, hotels, real estate and two banks with ATMs. For those things Samara Beach cannot provide, the larger center of Nicoya is a half-hour drive away and boasts a modern hospital, supermarkets and the specialized stores village life cannot offer.

The crescent-shaped strip of pale-grey sand at Sámara is one of the most beloved beaches in Costa Rica – it’s safe, tranquil, reasonably developed and easily accessible by public transportation. Not surprisingly, it’s popular with vacationing Tico families, backpackers, wealthy tourists, snorkelers and surfers alike (even President Oscar Arias has a vacation house near here).

In recent years the village has undergone a bit of a transformation. Sámara is becoming increasingly more sophisticated, and Tico and ex-pat residents are giving face-lifts to tired-looking shops, restaurants and storefronts. Although the village is trying to hang on to the authenticity of its relaxed vibe, Sámara is without a doubt the most upscale destination on the central peninsula.

(from Lonely Planet, Costa Rica)



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