Rick McGhee – Owner

Rick McGhee has 40 years of experience in the Real Estate industry. He has owned his own Real Estate company in Maryland for many years and is now one of the owners of The Samara Property Company. He has built his reputation on honesty and integrity. It is important to him that the Realtors working for this company have training, invest in their education and put their clients as a priority. Having bought a home for his family in Playa Samara from The Samara Property Company, Rick realizes the importance of having someone you can trust to help you realize your dreams. Rick knows this is a big investment for our clients and he makes sure we work alongside reputable attorneys such as those from Land Co. to make your purchase or the sale of your property to go smoothly. Rick also knew it was important that we give back to the community so as part of every commission we earn, we give 5% back to Stop the Shocks, a monkey rescue program, or the spay and neuter campaigns or another local charity. We care because we live here.

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