We donate 5% of our commission on every sale to stop the shocks or the spay neuter campaigns here in Samara

Electrocutions can be stopped. With generous donations from the public, we are able to target high risk areas and “hot spots” (where wildlife have already been injured or killed) by purchasing wildlife protection equipment and rope bridges.

Each power transformer is different, with different components and different lengths of cable that need to be insulated. Because of this, each one needs to be individually inspected by our Stop the Shocks team – there is no “one-size fits all” kit that can be purchased. The average cost to insulate a household transformer ranges from $250-$550 USD with the average high voltage commercial transformer costing $950-$1500USD to insulate.

Although there are several laws in Costa Rica that should serve to protect the environment, biodiversity, habitat and wildlife from the adverse effects of development, they are either ineffective or not properly enforced. As a result, Refuge for Wildlife has been forced to employ local community based wildlife protection strategies, which are designed to prevent electrocutions. The ‘Stop the Shocks’ program prevents deadly electrocutions by combining;

TREE TRIMMING – to prevent wildlife accessing the power lines

ROPE BRIDGES – to provide safe aerial pathways

Some cables in the Playas de Nosara area have been insulated, which has helped reduce electrocutions; however, there are still many areas that are not insulated and equipment on the cables, including the transformers, is often unprotected. This uninsulated, high voltage electrical apparatus is extremely dangerous to wildlife. Sadly, the monkeys cannot sense the danger until it’s too late.

Electrocuted Infant Howler Monkey Rescue and Rehabilitation





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